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Nosecounter 2019

Welcome to our tabernam vagantem, which is also sometimes referred to as The Nosecounter. It is always at the right place at the right time to offer you just the thing you are looking for, even if you actually weren't even looking for anything particular.

So, you have made it this far on your trip and decided to find out more about the others you travel with? Well, it appears that you have arrived in the year 2019. We expect 3210 more travellers, who have also paid their dues, with another 16 only having partially paid, potentially due to temporal distortions. Of the other 75 travellers who registered interest in this major historic event, the interest of 4 remains unconfirmed, whereas 70 have been accepted and 1 is still pending acceptance.

⋄ Unconfirmed: 4 ⋄ New: 1 ⋄ Accepted: 70 ⋄ Partially Paid: 16 ⋄ Paid: 3210 ⋄