Glympse Interactive Map

Watch other attendees travel towards Eurofurence (or back)!

All you'll need to participate is a smart phone and the Glympse app.

Simply start the app and set it up to share you location using "!Eurofurence" as a tag.

Some Advices

  • If you don't want to share your home address, you might want to enable location sharing a bit after getting on your way to the con.
  • Please mind battery load and the rather heavy energy consumption of GPS and Glympse. Make sure your battery is loaded, or others won't see you on the map!
  • Although Glympse has a navigation feature, we suggest sticking to the navigation app you've grown used to.
  • Please be aware that Glympse is a free third-party service on their own. You agree to their terms and conditions when sharing your location.
  • You should be able to watch the !Eurofurence tagged map in the Glympse app. However, this seems to bug out sometimes - in such case, just let the app share your location in the background and watch the map on this website.

  • In case of trouble, ... we cannot do anything for you. Sorry, but our entire staff is on their way to the con themselves! ;)


  • Thanks to Dibs Razell for having this idea!